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PD SESSION: Organizational Planning Frameworks: The Fredericton Playhouse's Approach to Making it Work
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
Time: 8:30 am – 9:45 am
Location: Rodd Charlottetown - Georgian Ballroom

In this session, Tim Yerxa, Executive Director of the Fredericton Playhouse will present his organization’s own approach to the sometimes daunting, sometimes messy, and often misunderstood or maligned world of organizational planning. From developing and implementing a strategic plan, to operational planning and execution, their relationships to financial and human resources management, success measurement, reporting and governance, see how one APA member organization approaches all these elements with a holistic, interconnected and cyclical approach. The session will include an interactive discussion on how planning can be embraced by non-profit arts organizations. Bring your own plans, your success/failure stories, your questions, and your love or distain for organizational planning with you. Come prepared for an honest peer-to-peer discussion on whether or not organizational planning can be more than a check box for funders, an honourable pursuit for boards, or a necessary evil for staff.

Facilitator: Tim Yerxa, The Fredericton Playhouse

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