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Yvette Lorraine
Yvette LorraineKnown best for her versatility and ability as a multi-genre artist, Yvette Coleman has sung, danced, and acted as part of the dynamic ensemble Dark by Five weaving together the worlds of music, theatre, visual media, and dance. Through her project known as "Saint Yves,? Yvette's collaborations & original recordings have received more than four million streams on Spotify appearing on playlists such as Canada's Viral Top 50, airing on radio stations across Canada & the US. Now as a solo artist, "Yvette" has spent time creating with Toronto producers cultivating her new sound, and recently teamed up with a cast of East Coast all-stars including Chris Kirby, Ian Sherwood, and the unparalleled Smith Sisters (Reeny, Haliey & Micah) to record an EP of her original songs performing as "Yvette & The Family!"
Yvette personally notes: ?As a trained performer and actor, I have taken the stage in Italy, Boston, New York and across Canada singing opera and classical music. I have worked silently and diligently in the studio to create songs that say something more and tell a different story. I have now landed upon something I believe is authentic to me and connects me back to the people and the place I come from. I would love to share the showcase stage to celebrate the incredible musicianship that exists on the East Coast and bring these new songs to life as a solo artist as I depart from ?Saint Yves? and the pop world to bask in the music I've always had a deep connection with - jazz, folk and soul.?

Yvette Coleman

PHONE: 000 111 2222