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Halifax Circus
Halifax CircusIn 2005 Mike Hirschbach returned to Halifax after performing with the Cirque du Soleil's touring show, Dralion, and teaching as a Master Trainer with their outreach program, Cirque du Monde. As such, he created and ran extended workshops for at-risk youth in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, South Africa and Burkina, upgrading the circus, social and teaching skills of the students and the trainers.
Returning to Halifax he saw many of the same s he societal issues as in other cities; homelessness, addiction, mental health and physical mobility issues. This led Mike to create the Circus Circle program in 2005. The program works with social and community agencies that bring youth to the regular weekly social circus programs. Now in its 16th year, Circus Circle is the oldest social circus program in Canada outside of Quebec.
Responding to a growing public interest and requests for skilled recreational and professional circus training, Mike opened classes for the public in 2010 with aerial teacher Kristin Langille. Other trained instructors gravitated towards the school, and the core of the present teaching staff grew as a professional curriculum developed.
By 2012, The Halifax Circus company, a formal performance troupe, was formed. They began touring to India and delivering regular local performances including student showcases, professional performances, and shows at the Fringe and Nocturne festivals.
Then in 2017, the Professional Track Training Program was created for selected students wishing to pursue a professional circus career. Meanwhile, public classes continued to grow to over 120 students, and the Circus Circle program expanded to include new programs for mobility challenged youth, as well as for Mi'kmaq youth.
Today, with outstanding teaching staff, a committed and knowledgeable board, skilled and committed students, and a pre-eminent group of circus trainers and performers, the three strands of Halifax Circus: school, performance company and social outreach, grow stronger and more recognized every year.

Mike Hirschbach

PHONE: (902) 830-3123