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Satellite Theatre - OVERLAP
Satellite Theatre - OVERLAPSatellite Theatre is a creative incubator and theatre company nestled in the magnificent Bay of Fundy, specifically in Moncton, on the Atlantic coast of Canada. Since 2009, it has led local, national and international projects, as well as collaborated with organizations from Japan, France, Mexico, Chad and England. The founding members, Acadian Mathieu Chouinard and Quebecois Marc-Andre Charron, respectively graduated from the ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq (Paris) and the London International School of Performing Arts (London). Known for its dynamic, physical, and exuberant baroque style, and its ability to attract talented artists from myriad cultural backgrounds, Satellite Theatre has created ten plays in as many years. Culminating in eleven Eloizes prizes nominations and having won five so far. Satellite Theatre, wanting to reach the widest possible audience, has been bilingually subtitling it's shows as a way of welcoming the French-curious and wider theatre-going public. Since starting this, we've realized that this approach has also made our work accessible to the growing newcomer community.
Both a love letter and an uncompromising critique of the city of Moncton, OVERLAP is author Celeste Godin's first full length play. Created in a language that is at once personal, dense with insight, and bursting with humanity. Staged as a tragic chorus, passionately performed in Chiac by five emerging actors, OVERLAP equally portrays the city as unsympathetic foe and enlightening muse. Through the contorted and tense bodies found on stage, our region's nobility is revealed alongside its difficulties.

Script : Celeste Godin
Director : Marc-Andre Charron
Actors: Florence Brunet, Stacy Arseneault, Xavier Gould, Sebastien Leclerc and Ludger Beaulieu
Lighting Technician: Claire Seyller
Score / Sound Technician: Xavier Richard
Assistant: Bianca Richard
Stage Managers: Amelie Collette and Xavier Richard
Surtitles Operator: Celeste Godin
Coordinator: Frederick Hryszyn

Frederick Hryszyn
Satellite Theatre

PHONE: (506) 229-9052