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M3D14M3D14 (Pronounced Media) is an indigenous art project gone musician from Dawson Sacobie, M3D14 performs their works with a TV on their head, taking inspiration from artists such as Halluci-Nation and Daft Punk, M3D14 combines glitchy tunes with heart pounding bass and indigenous songs such as "The Wolastoq'' song, A traditional pow-wow song, Crow Hop, and Iindigneous issues such as MMIW, Residential Schools, And other indigenous tales, Having worked with TNB, Natalie Sappier, Possesom Paul, And AFN 2019. M3D14 is still new to the electronic scene but is quietly making waves in the east coast electronic scene!

Dawson Sacobie

PHONE: (506) 476-2444