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VillagesWhen the four members of Villages established the band in 2016, it was with the goal of writing original songs in the spirit of the traditional music of their home region, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. But from that simple foundation, the sound of Villages has consistently expanded into what is now a dazzling combination of indie folk and experimental pop, with dashes of sun-bleached psychedelia added for good measure.
The band's new EP, Upon the Horizon, which was recorded at New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth, just after Nova Scotia lifted social distancing rules in July 2020. It is a taste of their next full-length album due in 2021 and is their most dynamic and exploratory work yet. But what makes Upon the Horizon stand apart from Villages' past efforts is its mix done by American indie rock legend Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, The Shins, Father John Misty, Band Of Horses). For Matt Ellis, Travis Ellis, Jon Pearo and Archie Rankin, it was not only an honour to work with one of their heroes, but a validation of their distinctive musical approach.
What often makes music great are regional distinctions, something that is sadly being lost with the increased reliance on technology. Still, the ability to strike a balance remains, and often produces unexpectedly stunning results. Villages have done just that on Upon the Horizon and secured a place among Canada's most innovative and soul-stirring bands.

Matt Ellis - vocals (he/him)
Jon Pearo - vocals, mandolin (he/him)
Archie Rankin - guitar (he/him)
Travis Ellis - guitar (he/him)
Jordan Murphy - drums (he/him)
Alex Ford - Front of house (he/him)

Travis Ellis
Icon Brother Music

PHONE: (902) 240-0310