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Kristen Martell
Kristen MartellKristen is an acoustic folk/pop artist from the shores of Nova Scotia. Her hazy, sun-dappled sound is "equivalent to walking through a field on a warm, summer's day" (Roots Music Canada). Intimate and laid back, her songs are inspired by nature and a journey for inner peace. Anyone who has pondered the meaning of it all will find something to relate to in her songs.
Originally from Northern New Brunswick, Kristen was born into a musical family and learned to love music at an early age from her multi-instrumentalist Grandfather. She never forgot his early encouragement as she went on to learn piano, trombone, and fiddle. Eventually she found her way to the acoustic guitar, the instrument which held the key to finding her voice. She began writing songs as a form of meditation, allowing her to tap into her subconscious and fully understand and express her emotions. "It's how I make sense of the world. This form of connection is what I thrive for." she explains. "Music fills the spaces where words fall short."
Kristen spent her early adult years on the local singer/songwriter circuit, but eventually life got in the way. With a full time career as an environmental scientist and two kids, her music faded into the background of her life. For 10 years she dedicated herself to her responsibilities, but always felt something was missing. Her deep urge to share her music finally reemerged in 2018 in a huge burst of creativity and inspiration. A lifetime of wisdom shaped the songs on her debut album Coming Home (Apr 2020) and was nominated for the 2021 ECMA Inspirational Recording of the Year. With new collaborative music to be released in 2021/2022 with award-winning artist Gabrielle Papillon and producer Dan Ledwell, Martell is an emerging artist not to be missed.

Kristen Martell

PHONE: (902) 523-4145