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Carleton Stone Drives the Big Wheel
Carleton Stone Drives the Big WheelDripping with sweat and covered in proverbial stardust, Carleton Stone’s live show will leave you believing this front man was born onstage. Synced like a well-oiled machine, the dynamic hook-rock quintet gains more and more momentum as their electrifying shows take Canada by storm. With a complete, super charged E-Street orchestration, yoked to the lyrical wit and conviction of a Ryan Adams or Elvis Costello, Carleton Stone Drives the Big Wheel has concocted the perfect hit-maker balance of passion, originality and relentless live energy.

Carleton Stone
P.O. Box 1848 Stn. A
Sydney, NS
B1P 6W4 Canada

PHONE: (902)371-5087