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Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold
Tim Chaisson & Morning FoldThe word “ prodigy” identifies the refinement of capacity, spirit and creativity. It's a term that singer/songwriter Tim Chaisson is too courteous to use on himself yet the singular descriptive perfectly befits the exceptional musical endowments of this 23 year-old Prince Edward Island native.

Tim Chaisson And Morning Fold's latest independent musical gem Broken Hearted Beat is a compelling array of sultry, sinewy tunes intertwining exceptional musicianship with spirited delivery, unforgettable melodies and indelible sincerity. It unites Chaisson's vocal, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and keyboard prodigiousness with equally-talented spirits in Tian Wigmore (guitars and backing vocals), Brien McCarthy (bass, backing vocals), and Nat Lamoureux (drums and backing vocals).

“My East Coast roots are elemental to making this album unique,” Chaisson waxes philosophically. “I was lucky to have such a large family that introduced me to so many diverse forms of music. I think they all come out on this album. The same thing applies with the rest of the band. They have that influx of inspiration from their families and they're fantastic multi-instrumentalists.”

A tour-de-force in amalgamating diverse backgrounds and genres, the album ties together the finite intricacies of folk, pop, country and even the Celtic inspiration that initially spurred Chaisson on in his youth; is a beguilingly chameleon-esque experience bolstered by the aid of renowned Canadian-bred musicians Joel Plaskett (Thrush Hermit, Joel Plaskett And The Emergency) and Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar). The two were crucial to co-penning material and capturing the live essence of the band in recording.

Gardiner MacNeill
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