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Showcase & Pitch Artists
Over the years Contact East has been fortunate to showcase immensely talented regional and national artists. Here is a sampling of our wonderful past showcase artists.

2019 Artists

Andrew Waite Big Little Lions BRIDGE & WOLAK
Calum Graham Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita Charlie A'Court
Countermeasure Dr G Emily Jean Flack
Fara Geri Hall and Gary Pearson Jacques Surette
Jennah Barry Kim Harris La Terza Classe
Laila Biali Lizzy Hoyt Melody Johnson
Nive and Deer Children Papagroove Raine Hamilton
Rebecca Perry Ripopee Rozalind MacPhail
Ryan McMahon Sarah Hagen and Brendan McLeod Shaun Boothe
Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (Axis Theatre) Svetlana Shmulyian The Myrtle Sisters
Theatre New Brunswick Trio Fibonacci Twin Flames
Vishten West of Mabou