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Contact East is the Atlantic Presenters Association's hallmark event and Atlantic Canada's premiere performing arts booking conference. The conference brings together performing arts presenters and in-demand, tour-ready arts performers to showcase contemporary and classical music, dance, theatre, and youth-oriented programming. See below for just a few of the amazing testimonials we have received over the years.

A Must Attend Event

“Countless number of our artists have benefited from them showcasing and the subsequent touring that followed. A must attend event for our agency every year!”
– Steve Butler, Paquin Artists Agency

Thrilled By The Connections

“Investing time and money to go to Contact East is an integral part of my ability to thrive as a self-managed Canadian artist. This was my first time attending and I was thrilled by the connections I made and relationships forged. My career would not be possible without attending Contact events across Canada. Looking forward to Contact East 2014!”
Sarah Hagen, Showcase Artist

One Of The Friendliest & Best-run Conferences

“Contact East is not only one of the friendliest and best-run conferences in the country, but it also has allowed me to develop more International relationships than any other Canadian booking conference, resulting in successful tours for my Artists in the U.S. and U.K.”
– Tammy Fox, The Collection Agency Entertainment

Opportunity To See Excellent Artists

“Contact East is an opportunity to see excellent artists in showcases and to evaluate whether their presentations would be a good fit for my audience.”
– Michael Steinitz, Antigonish Performing Arts Series (APA Member)

A Pleasure To Attend

“As a touring scheme based in the UK, Contact East gives us the opportunity to see a huge range of Canadian artists, which would not otherwise be possible. We have been able to bring work over to the UK every single time we have attended, which is a testament to the quality and range of work on offer and the professionalism of the team organising Contact East. Contact East is a pleasure to attend, a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make it one of the most relaxed and friendly Conferences around.”
– Barbara Slack, Highlights Rural Touring Scheme (International Delegate)

Wouldn't miss it!

“Contact East is a great combination of experiencing new programming possibilities and networking with fellow presenters and other industry participants with the bonus of a lot of fun. Wouldn't miss it!”
– David O’Leary, Evergreen Theatre (APA Member)

Our Showcase Gave Us Great Results

“My first participation at Contact East was a good experience. The team is present to answer any question you have, especially for someone like me who didn’t know very well APA’s procedure. Also, our showcase gave us great results and we are sure this will help a lot the group’s development.”
– Claudine Cinq-Mars, PS Paré

Truly A Wonderful Experience

“As an artist based in the Western Canada I was worried that the cost of getting to Contact East would be too much for us, but it was truly a wonderful experience, and we would recommend it to any artist who wants to get their work out to the Maritimes and beyond. The Conference organizers were extremely helpful and communicative and we had a fantastic time. Every event was informative and we really appreciated the time and energy that was put into creating this special event. It was well worth the journey. We met presenters from all parts of Canada, the US and UK. It was a fabulous conference that left us wanting more!”
Julia Mackey, Showcase Artist


“Contact East works; plain and simple. I arrive with my product and I sell my product to buyers who attend because they want to be there. Every year we come away with bookings and enough interest to justify being at Contact East. Bravo!”
– Jeremy Webb, Off the Leash Productions (Showcase Artist)

A Tangible And Valuable Link

“Contact East has provided a tangible and valuable link for my organization with artists, agents, and fellow presenters from not only the East Coast of Canada and the US, but with other parts of the world as well. The showcases at Contact East are professional and well-planned and help me immensely in finding new and exciting performers to bring to our festivals that we produce.”
– Terri Dollar, Artsplosure (International Delegate)

A Very High Standard

“Contact East always provides me with new artists I would never see at local East Coast events. I have always been able to come away with several bookings and find the level of quality at a very high standard. In the past I have been able to open doors in the US for the artists I use and find them work beyond my scope of venues.”
– Phill McIntyre, New England Celtic Arts (International Delegate)

Tremendous Networking Opportunities

“Contact East is an important part of being a Presenter in Atlantic Canada. It allows presenters to see artists in a live performance setting and allows for tremendous networking opportunities.”
– Brian Dove, Gander Arts & Culture Centre (APA Member)